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As a breeder of Friesian Warmbloods, we are always battling to find the right feed regiment for all our horses.

Constantly balancing the needs of foals, broodmares, stallions and horses in and out of work, through changing weather and paddock conditions can be challenging, time consuming and expensive.

We came across TopstockTopMinHorse Lick and trialed as an alternative to blocks. We immediately saw benefits from the lick and not only have all our horses responded hungrily to the loose form, we have seen amazing improvements in general condition – healthy weight, great coat & hoof condition. We have also been able to reduce our hard feed regime and maintain them happily and healthily on hay & mineral lick, minimizing our grain feeds and saving a substantial amount of money.

TopstockTopMinLick provides all the minerals needed without the use of molasses and refined salt, and they can graze as needed. If they don’t need it – they don’t eat it. It’s easy to dispense, easy to digest and has minimal wastage.

We would recommend this product for every horse owner and every type of horse. It is a natural and effective way to give your horse all the minerals needed to be healthy and happy – Simple and effective- Love it!!!

Simone & Martin

Harrowdale Park/ Butlers Equine

Why I Use Topstock Easy Feed

Hi, my name is Rina Phillips and I was introduce to Topstock Easy Feed about six years ago when I agisted my horses with Kellie and Heath Stewart whilst I worked away on FIFO. I did not want my horses coping with a dietary change on top of a location change every couple of weeks, and as Topstock Easy Feed is what they fed, I made it mine as well. Due to the delicacy of feeding horses, people generally (including me) feed their horses by the traditional method, or by what they have been taught, because it works. Well believe me Topstock Easy Feed works.

As a result of using this product I have not only found that I have happy, healthy horses, but my back pocket is not doing too bad either. The feed is “easy” to use and due to its consistency, I know that my horses are getting every bit of goodness from the product…..and they eat every bit. I do not have to add any supplements to the feed which is another plus for value for money. Topstock Easy Feed is not a “hot” feed so I don’t need to worry about it affecting my Thoroughbreds.

My two horses do extremely well on Topstock Easy Feed and even though they are paddocked horses their coats are always glossy and shining with colour. My 20 year old mare has dapples popping out of her dark bay coat and my 12 year old gelding’s chestnut coat ripples with red and gold glows.

People living on my street have popped in to tell me how well my horses look and ask what I feed them. So I tell them, small bucket = 700 grams oaten chaff, ½ small bucket = 350 grams lucerne chaff, ½ scoop = 500 grams Topstock Easy Feed and hay or pasture depending on what is available. Oh and carrots they love their carrots. Do youself and your horses a favour and give it a go. Mine love it.



Rina Phillips

Why I Use Topstock Easy Feed

I have been using Top Stock Easy Feed since it was recommended to me in Oct 2015! My then 15 year old TB gelding’s weight fluctuated frequently and I always had trouble balancing his diet! Since I have made it his complete diet he has thrived in body condition, his coat and general performance! To date I have not found a single feed or a combination of multiple feeds that matches this in cost or in efficiency. I now feed 8 horses all with different dietary requirements all on various levels of easy feed but have had no issues with maintaining weight, especially through the transitioning seasons. Having one feed means the process of making and dispensing feeds is much simpler and leaves me more time to work and ride. I have no trouble recommending Easy Feed to anyone and am super impressed with all my horses performance on this diet!



Belinda Diamond