Sheep Stock Licks

Sheep Stock Licks

Topstock WA supplements for sheep licks contain essential vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in dry pastures and crop stubbles. They can also be custom blended to suit your individual paddock, property and stock requirements.

Dry seasonal conditions throughout Western Australia causes the decline of pasture quality. These pastures typically become insufficient to meet the nutritional requirements of grazing sheep. Supplementing with lick will improve the rate of digestion thus increasing the amount of pasture eaten giving improved animal performance and health. Pastures in WA have well documented deficiencies in selenium which transfers to pasture, this can be addressed through supplementation.

Sheep Stock Licks Benefits include:

  • Greater survival of weaners in summer and autumn on dry feed;
  • Maintaining ewes in satisfactory condition during late pregnancy and lactation therefore reducing lambing mortality;
  • Increase fertility of ewes by increasing live weight and well being prior to joining;
  • Finishing weaners / hoggets for specific markets.
  • Improving wool quality by ensuring continuity of nutrition to avoid breaks in the wool.

Topstock WA also can provide sheep feedlot supplementation. With farming practices becoming more intensive, finishing livestock by feedlotting has become more commonplace, and has become a valuable tool to enable producers to value add, whilst giving themselves more marketing options. We are flexible in how we provide our products, this allows producers to integrate our supplements into their feeding system in a a way that is unique to each client.

Sheep Loose Licks Available

  • Dry pasture supplement
  • Crop stubble supplement
  • Feedlot Micro Mix
  • Feedlot Macro Mix

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