Horse Products

Topstock horse products are based on the understanding of the unique conditions here in WA. We have seasonal pastures with a significant dry spell, and we have a feed gap in summer where we provide hay to our horses to supplement their roughage intake. Pastures are also commonly deficient in many nutrients and trace elements. Through supplementing, we can maximize the digestion of poor quality feed by the hind gut and support growth and development no matter the season.

Topstock have developed two products to help horses to make the most of WA pastures – Top Min Horse Lick and our premium Topstock Equimeal.

Topstock Equimeal was designed to make feeding simpler, every horse on the property can have it without worry, just change the amount fed to supply their exercise and growth needs. In a concentrated form as a loose meal, comparatively less feed is required compared to a similar pellet mix, great for slow eaters and its great taste and loose mix means it doesn’t get sifted out by fussy eaters.

Together, Topstock WA horse products cover all your nutritional requirements for horses based in WA.