Custom Blending

Here at Topstock WA Feed Services, we recognise that your animals are unique to your situation, and that means your nutrition requirements can sometimes be very specialised. To assist our clients in meeting their nutrition needs precisely without over or under supplementing and losing money in nutrition. We offer our custom blending services for sheep, cattle and other stock for mixes ordered by the tonne.

We welcome working with our clients and their selected nutritionist, in combination with pasture and hay analysis that can be performed. We also have the services available to seek expert advice from veterinarians and nutritionists.

We also accommodate the more unusual species, such as goats and camels.

Once we have your mix just right, we can repeat it whenever you need, however much you need.

Here at Topstock WA we recognise that nutrition is seasonal and changes depending on pasture available.

For example, green lush pastures usually have adequate amounts of vitamin E but dry pastures are often short of vitamin E.

For more information and to discuss your custom blends needs, please contact us now.