Cattle Licks and Cattle Feedlot Premixes

Our speciality here at Topstock WA Feed Services and most highly sought after products are in our variety of cattle loose lick mixes. These we can specify to our clients geographical location and also then modify further to their specific farm needs to fill the gaps in their feeding programs.

Dry seasonal conditions will result in the decline of protein and essential nutrients in available pasture. Pasture then becomes unable to supply daily nutritional requirements to achieve our clients goals of weight gain or breeding efficiency. Accurately supplementing with cattle licks will better utilize these pastures and increase feed efficiency. Consequently fertility is improved and more weight is gained. With the growth in popularity of grass fed beef, utilising pastures to turn off the best cattle possible is in high demand and a supplement can help achieve this faster.

The composition of our cattle lick mixes can be altered during the farmers or pastoralists feeding programme to keep optimum supplementation throughout the year and changing seasons. Lick requirements are less when pasture is green and our aim is to optimise nutrition at all times, including not over-supplementing when less is required.

Pastured Cattle Loose Lick Mixes Available

  • Breeder
  • Weaner
  • Dry Season
  • Wet Season

Locations Specified for in our Blends

  • Southern Land Division
  • Kimberly
  • Pilbara
  • Murchison
  • Gascoyne

The Importance of Feedlot Supplements

Feedlot supplementation is very important. With farming practices becoming more intensive, finishing livestock by feedlotting has become more commonplace, and has become a valuable tool to enable producers to value add their to livestock, whilst giving themselves more marketing options. Our flexibility is fantastic for our clients as it is flexibility which allows producers to integrate our supplements for cattle into their feeding system however suits them.

Feedlot Cattle Mixes Available

  • Micro Mix
  • Macro Mix
  • Complete Pelletised Rations

We also offer Custom Blends designed specifically for our individual clients needs.  For more see Custom Blending.