Avery – A Case Study

Photo taken 29/5/17

Avery is a 17 year old thoroughbred mare who has come into our care as she is in need of some tlc.

Using Body Condition Scoring we have scored Avery at 1 1/2 (poor to very thin) as she has prominent ribs, spine and withers. Basically she has very little fat coverage. Avery also has a wound to her off fore pastern.

So far we have cleaned the wound which involved cutting away excess hair, scrubbing with chlorhex swabs, applying betadine ointment and bandaging to keep it clean. This process is being repeated every third day at this stage, more often if necessary. Avery is being rugged so as she is not wasting energy on trying to stay warm.

As soon as possible Avery will be seen by Martin at WAVED for some much needed dental care. We have also introduced hard feeds and hay to her diet, Avery is fed the following twice a day:
1.6kg Oaten Chaff
1.3kg Lucerne Chaff
1kg EquiMeal
3.5kg Oaten Hay

EquiMeal is a complete feed, so we can be sure she is getting everything she needs to return to good health in no time – we will keep everyone updated on her progress.

For more information on EquiMeal please contact us at orders@topstock.com.au or on 08 9574 0425.


Photo taken 29/5/17

Photo taken 29/5/17

Photo taken 29/5/17

Photo taken 29/5/17

Update 13th June 2017

Avery is starting to put on weight and the wound on her pastern is healing nicely. We are very happy with her progress so far, she is even starting to get a bit of her personality back which is a great sign.

Update 30th June 2017

What a difference – Avery is looking amazing after four weeks of EquiMeal!

Everything about her has improved substantially. We now score her at a 3 (thin) using the Body Condition Scoring method.

We are very happy with her progress and can’t wait to see what changes the next few weeks bring.

Avery is continuing to improve, looking better every day.