Rangeland Grazing Supplementation

Rangeland Grazing Supplementation – Lick Supplements

Once regarded as only a last ditch measure in drought, pastoralists now realise supplementing pastures with a quality loose mix stock  lick supplements has a range of benefits to improve productivity.

Providing weaners with a stock  lick supplements allows pastoralists to wean at lower weights enabling the ewe/cow to recover quicker, increasing conception rates. Also the weaner can go ahead rather than slip in condition or fall to ill thrift or death.

Lick supplements can be used on heifers/ewe hoggarts to get them up to joining weight quicker, while similarly steers/wethers can be brought up to a sale weight in a reduced time.

As well as  lick supplements increased conception rates, breeders tend to have improved lactation, improving growth rates of the lambs/calves.

Bulls and rams can also be fed lick to offset the increased nutritional requirement during mating season, thus increasing pregnancy percentages.

The use of  lick supplements in drought is still widely used, and many stock have been kept alive until the break of the season enabling future income to remain intact.

lick supplements