Name the New Topstock WA Horse Feed

We need your help to come up with a cool name for our new Topstock Horse Feed product! ENTER NOW and you could win a dozen bags of our new horse feed worth over $600!

Here at Topstock WA Feed Services, we have been trialling a great new horse feed. It is a complete feed that is designed to balance out the deficiencies in the average West Australian horse diet of chaff, oaten hay and pasture. A loose meal, it has everything your horse needs in a balanced and tasty form that mixes perfectly with chaff. Because it’s more concentrated, you use less by weight than pellets, saving you money in the long run, while supporting a local WA business with a product developed specifically for WA horses and conditions.

Salt River Intuition, prepared for Landmark Sale 2017 on Topstock WA feed.

Its brings out top condition and coat, is suitable for all horses in all levels of work and just generally makes your feed time routine easier! With over 20 different horses to feed on a regular basis, we wanted to make something that made feed time simpler and quicker. Simply add to chaff, wet down and feed!

It is based on the best natural meals available with our specially developed Equilibrate supplement added, which contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and amino acids, all essential for optimum health in the horse. This eliminates the need for adding expensive supplements that horses pick out and don’t eat anyway!

To enter, simply enter your suggestion and details below so we can get in touch with you. The one we choose wins!


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Entries close March 31st 2017