Top Min Horse Lick

TopMin Horse lick is a loose mix lick, formulated and tested to balance out the deficiencies in a diet consisting of mostly hay and pasture in WA. TopMin horse lick improves digestion of roughage in the hindgut to maximize nutritional gains. It also increases pasture utilisation decreasing the cost of providing additional roughage – horses will eat more of the available pasture and pasture of poorer quality thanks to Top Min supporting the microbes of the hindgut.


What sets TopMin apart from other licks is that it is highly palatable AND contains necessary vitamins and minerals without adding molasses. No added sugar means a cool supplement that doesn’t create hot horses, and does not contribute to diet related diseases such as Equine Cushings, Equine Metabolic Syndrome and subclinical acidosis leading to laminitis*.

  • Contains macro and micro elements as a balanced supplement for horses on hay and pasture in WA.
  • Contains electrolytes that are needed to replace losses through sweat and encourage water intake.
  • Contains Vitamins A, D and Biotin to support eyes, bones, and hooves, and Vitamin E as an antioxidant.
  • Fortified levels of all these vitamins and minerals which are low in WA pastures and hays due to our poor soil quality.
  • Decreases chewing behaviour on trees and fence-posts and may also reduce appearance of a “hay gut”
  • Loose lick does not encourage chewing behaviour on the supplement which may damage teeth long term.
  • Made with high quality natural ingredients and rock salt.
  • Extremely palatable, without horses over-eating.
  • Dust suppressant added.

TopMin is designed to be fed freely, where the horse can choose to self-supplement, only taking as much as they need. It can be mixed into a feed or rationed if needed. Feed TopMin out in a trough or tub that allows water to drain away. Top Min Horse Lick will stand up to a light shower, however it should not be allowed to sit in water.

Horses’ intake may be high for the first 2 weeks as they become accustomed to the lick, but intake will then level off to a maintenance intake. Intake is seasonal, higher in the summer months and tapers down with green pasture, and also varies with what else is in the diet. Typical daily intake is 100 – 300grams per head on dry pasture or hay.

TopMin is safe to feed to all horses of all ages, including pregnant mares and foals.Whenever feeding a lick of any kind, free access to clean, cool water is required.

TopMin is available in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg buckets and 25kg bags from your local feed store and in bulk in 500kg and 1000kg lots on request.

Check out our list of stockists or ask for Topstock TopMin Horse Lick at your preferred feed store today!

* Please Note: If you are feeding a restricted diet for laminitis, your should also restrict intake of Top Min to 500g/day or less, as some horses and ponies may consume large amounts of Top Min as they are being fed limited hay.