Horse Products

Our Topstock horse products are based on the understanding of our unique conditions here in Western Australia, and were developed and tested for over 10 years in conjunction with the Australian Stock Horse stud Salt River Performance Horses.

We have seasonal pastures in WA, generally seeded with annual grasses and a mixture of clovers and other species which grow in the winter and spring. This is followed with a significant dry spell and feed gap in summer and autumn where we provide preserved hay to our horses to supplement their roughage intake. Pastures both green and dry are also commonly deficient in many nutrients and trace elements due to the poor quality soils of WA.

Our main goals have been to develop a maintenance product for horses on spell and mares in the early stages of pregnancy who are mostly fed on dry pasture and hay, and to simplify feed time with one product to suit all life stages and work levels.

Oaten hay Is the most common, cheapest and easily available hay there is in the majority of WA. It is not without its drawbacks, those being it does not supply horses with all they need, and it is very high in readily digestible starch and sugars, which can lead to teeth issues and laminitis in horses.  However, we have to work with what we have, and this was the main driving force behind our line of horse products, and we believe we have achieved these goals.

Importantly, our products are all locally made here in Bakers Hill WA, and we source WA ingredients wherever possible.  As a locally made product, there is far less shipping costs than when feeds are brought in from over east. By supporting a WA owned and operated business you are helping supporting WA farmers and the WA economy.