Feedlot Additives

Topstock WA Feedlot Additives have a comprehensive range of Trace Mineral and Vitamin Concentrates for a wide variety of applications.

These include:

Feedlot Additives

Cattle Feedlot TMV

Cattle Feedlot Additives contains the vitamins and minerals required to attain peak health and weight gain. Virginiamycin and Monensin can be added to facilitate the prevention of the build-up of acid in the rumen reducing grain poisoning, coccidiosis, acidosis and bloat. Virginiamycin will require an appropriate veterinary prescription.

Sheep Feedlot TMV

Our Trace Mineral and Vitamin Concentrate has Sodium Lasalocid as the ionophore which is ideal for sheep feedlot.

Ram Feed Concentrate

Contains minerals and vitamins to complement on farm rations.

We can supply an additive to blend into your own lick mix.

Feedlot Additives