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Cattle Feed Supplements: Expense or investment?

Cattle feed supplements, once seen as an expense, is fast becoming a “must have” leverage tool to increase profit margins today’s economy.

Rather than ask what is the cost of a Cattle feed supplements program, the question we must ask ourselves is what is the cost of not doing it? And what is my return on investment? Stock dying during caving/lambing have a massive impact to your bottom line, as does lower growth and pregnancy rates. Our inspiration is to help farmers become more profitable by improving animal health and well being.

Benefits of Cattle feed supplements include:

• Improved rumen function and digestion by stimulating rumen microbes encourage foraging on dry pasture
• Greater survival of weaners on dry pasture
• Conditioning pregnant females reducing post partum mortality
• Increasing fertility by increasing vitality and live weight prior to joining

Topstock’s WA Feed Services main focus is custom blended loose licks and feedlot additives for sheep and cattle.

For friendly professional service & advice contact us to see how we can make your supplementation program work for you.

Cattle Feed Supplements